Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hi From Abilene

O.k. here is an update on business for me, thanks to the prodding by that pushy guy across the pond. All is well, I have 9 weeks of weddings in a row, which is busy but full of fun. A couple are out of town, the rest here in good ol' Abilene. I am still loving my office/gallery space. Kind of thinking about setting up a backdrop and some lighting, I am feeling intruiged by Platon and his work. So excited to hear from Courtney and the One Light Workshop she is at right now in Alaska.

Personal life things are going well. My son was pronounced brain tumor free a couple of months ago. We are all breathing fuller breaths around our house, everyone, especially my twin daughter has come out of her shell since Jack's good news.

Things are awesome here, I am blessed and thankful.

Here is a pic that I took last Saturday at a wedding. This bride was in the middle of her family, they were busy with last minute preparations before the wedding was to start, just minutes away. In the middle of the motion was this bride, quiet and still.

So where have you all gone

Now lets rekindle this thing !
It's lonely enough in this wedding world and I know I get to travel a little more than most so I expect all my alumni to keep me entertained. However giving starts at home so here's an update.

I placed a series of adverts in Italian Weddings which distributes in the UK and US. They gave me editorial and some double pages (mike was right). I might get a front page if I play nice. Here is the image.
Basic strap line "UK Brides take me with them". Less is more, right. I also got hooked up with Europe's biggest Destination Planners and they promote me from September this year.

What else ? Well I am the proud owner of a 14-24 lens which is a legend on the D3. All you Canon folk hold on I am sure they will answer the D700 genius and so it start again.

What is good in your world, all to easy to think about the negotives currently. War, credit crunch, terror, oil prices. They way I look at it, Brides are still getting married and preserving their day is becoming more significant. I have pushed prices up a little and sold them on the quality and they like it. People are introverting, spending on themselves rather than wasting on everything else.

It's a great time for creative imagery. Now I'm no preacher and my sermon's are nothing compared to Mike's but thought I would spread a little Brit Love.  xxxxxx