Thursday, January 31, 2008

To D3 or not to D3

OK, so I admit it, I did a ton of research on switching to Nikon. Only to decide to stay with my first digital love. I am going to purchase a 5D with a couple more lenses (maybe 50mm f/1.2, or 85mm f/1.2, 100mm macro f/2.8 and maybe the 16-35mm f/2.8. Then I will wait for the Canon response to the Nikon and hope that in a year the Mark iii will improve on the ISO and focal points. Again...I have decided on camera body plus some lenses rather than just a new camera body. Oh yes, plus a couple of flashes.

Also, there were a few of you ladies with a cool shoot bag just over the shoulder for lenses. What are those called/where did you get them? I can't seem to find them.

You were all so amazing, comfortable and so willing to talk about technical stuff all week. What a blessing you were to me. I returned refreshed...and overwhelmed, but if I wasn't overwhelmed I would think my investment wasn't what it should be.


Pocket Wizard?

Okay, I'm going to buy a pocket wizard, but which one do I need the Multimax or the Plus II? I'm not sure of the difference! Thanks guys :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Studio and New Camera

So I alluded to my new studio space in a comment, but thought I would post about it. I am officially leasing a studio space for my business as of Feb. 15th. I can't wait! I have always done the coffee shop thing, or have people in my home, both I have never felt comfortable with. I went to the workshop with looking into a space in the back of my mind when I got home. I really had thought that the price would be overbearing for me and would stress me out each month, and I didn't ever want my businesses finances to stress me out. After asking around for a couple of days I found (actually my husband found for me) a totally fun studio for $300 a month, totally reasonable and in my budget, that is if I had a budget. It is in the artsy district of downtown, in fact everyone on the 2nd floor of the building where I am are artists, painters mostly, some photogs who do art photography for fun, and some landscape photographers. I think that I am going to love it there. I will post some pics when I get into the space officially.

Then this morning I got on my computer to read about the Mark III again and the 5D, and I bought the 5D, two 580ex's, and ofcourse the battery grip for the camera. Something that just had to be done. I can't wait to hear Steve's review of the Mark III, but I couldn't afford that jump right now, so the 5D will have to do for a year or so, I decided I could furnish my studio and buy a 5D or buy the Mark III and meet clients in the coffee shop, the first won out.

Hope each of you are doing well and "the leg" is healing nicely.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I went ahead and did it. I just bought the Canon Mark III on amazon. It should come in two days! The funny part is that right after I ordered, I get a call from Amazon wanting to confirm the order becuase it's "an unusually high dollar amount". Great... that's just what I needed to hear from them, it made me realize again that I did just drop a lot of coin on this camera. Although I did feel good about the fraud prevention program they have. I just hope something new doesn't come out with the PMA show happening later this week. I guess I could return it in 30 days if something new comes out (Can you tell I've been justifying making this purchase?...) I'll make sure to let everyone know what it's like once I shoot with it.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

When blogging?

So I am still getting aquainted with the world of blog. Does anyone know how or if I can see if anyone has left a comment, other than looking at the bottom of each post?



Shooting in Kelvin

I'm glad everyone has enjoyed the blog so far! I really think we should do our best to keep it going. I had such a wonderful experience this past week and it would be nice to continue the learning going forward.

I found some good information about Kelvin, so I wanted to post it. The visual has been really helpful for me. Here's the info..

Understanding White Balance By Shon.

A human eye has an amazing ability to see the light in various colors and while our brain automaticaly adjusts the colors for us, the camera unfortuntely cannot do the same. Every type of light in our surroundings, produces different colors in photography. While sometimes, colors can be used to create a mood within the photograph, often they produce undesired and unpleasent effects. Have you ever noticed the office windows look green in a photograph of a building taken at night or why pictures taken under a regular light bulb looks orange, if not then start noticing

All medium to high end cameras have different settings to correct the white balance. It is important to remember that the picture should look WHITE not BLUE, GREEN or ORANGE in order to look neutrul. The settings to correct the white balance are Auto, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Sunlight, Cloudy, flash and Shade. Alot of people use Auto which works fine most of the time but the use of correct setting can dramaticaly improve the look of your photograph. Filters are also used sometimes on SLR or similar cameras.

Kelvin Scale:
In order to learn white balance, it is important to know the Kelvin scale. Kelvin is a unit of measurement usualy in degrees for the color of light. The standard was created by heating a certain metal rod on different tempratures. Intialy when you heat the metal, it turns RED, by further heating it turn yellow and so on until it turns Purple. Normaly Red color gives a warm feeling while Blue gives a calm and cool feeling but according to the Kelvin scale, Red is more cooler than Blue. The temprature for White light is 5500o Kelvin which is also the color of direct sunlight.

Types of light sources and thier effect on photography:

Each light source has its own unique effect on photography and while some can compliment a particular picture, others can totaly ruin it. Here are the different sources of light and thier effects.

1> Sunlight: Many photographers avoid shooting in direct sun because the light is very sharp and produces strong shadows. On a sunny afternoon, the color of the sunlight is 5500oK but it changes throughout the day depending the sun's position and atmospheric conditions. Clouds filter Red so the pictures have more Blueish tones but at sunset/sunrise, the shorter wavelengths(blue) are diminished so sunset/sunrise pictures have more redish tones. Direct sunlight may appear yellow to our eye, it is nearly the best light source because it has a balance of wavelengths and produces white light.

2> Fluorescent light(Tubelight) and street lamps: Fluorescent lights look amazingly white to us but because of the Mercury vapours, it gives a greenish tint on photographs. Same problem is with street lamps but thier color is different depending on the region of the world you live. To correct it, simply change the white balance setting to Fluorescent to eliminate the green.

3> Household filament/tungsten bulbs: Since the filament of an ordinary bulb is heated on low temprature, it produces Red or Orange effect on pictures. Sometimes the Red can be used to produce a warm/sad emotion like in a wedding or a funeral but often the tint is too strong. To correct it, change the white balance to Incandescent on your camera.

4> Candle or oil-lamp light: Both the candle and lamp light have an orange tint because of slightly higher burning temprature. Photographs taken in either one of the light have thier own effects and it is usualy left oncorrected but can be corrected by the Incandescent setting on the camera. DSLR/SLR users can also add a blue filter to correct it.

5> Camera Flash: Built in camera flash is useful in many occations but it has a few cons. First, because the flash is closer to the lense, it produces Red Eye. Second, the light is very sharp and produces strong shadows making it obvious that the flash was used. Red Eye can be eliminated in most of the camera but the strong light problem remains. The color of the light is well balanced but other light sources can effect the picture so use the WB setting according to conditions.

These are the major light sources that I remember at the moment but feel free to ask or remind me of any other type.

Totally Sweet

Way to go Steve, lovin' the blog.

What an awesome week that was. I was talking with my girlfriend last night and she asked me what my favorite thing about the week was. I told her it was definitely meeting all of you. It was so much fun to shoot and be totally goofy with all of you. I really think more than anything the community of photographers is what first drew me into wedding photography. It's so great to have people who care about you and your business and really do want you succeed in all that you do.

I'm sorry not everyone got to witness the branding, it was quite an "experience". In case you are wondering the leg is fine, at least I think is. I still haven't removed the band-aid from leg, but I'm sure it will look ok. I'll post some pics of it later on down the road.

Thank you all for being so awesome and such an inspiration to me. I'm so excited to see what God has in store for us all. Thanks a lot Steve for setting this up and giving us away to keep in touch. Peace and love.

- Phillip

wooh hoo!

Thanks Steve for setting this up for us! This will be an awesome means of keeping in touch with one another. I'm sorry I missed Steve whooping up on everyone in Poker and also missing the "The Phillip Experience" are one crazy sucker. I had a blast with you guys...keep rocking those images :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Off Camera Lighting

Well I hope everyone made it home okay. It was great to meet everyone and I wish we had more time together. I wanted to post about off camera flash that Mike demo'd on Thursday. If you guys havent tried it before, I have some real life examples on my blog.

Guys and Girls you need to get over to Ray Santana's blog and enter the competition for a free Boda Bag. This bag is superb, I have the non-dry fit version and it rocks with the lenses and the photo journalista style.

Ray's BODA competition , click in here and get guessing its creating a little frenzy of guesses but trust me the bag is worth a quick click or two.

T the Brit with the latest scoop.


Just to to let the missing Alumni that Steve won the poker and generous spent all his dollars setting up our knowledge blog. Thanks Steve.
Great to meet all your lovely yanks, and the Texans. You all have added to my week and I hope I was able to leave a little bit of my country with you guys and motivate you to grab (get one) your  passports and come see 2000 plus years of history and a few malls.
I hope to se you all again in the new life, stay in touch.
T the Brit (aka Bobby D)
for those that missed it