Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hi From Abilene

O.k. here is an update on business for me, thanks to the prodding by that pushy guy across the pond. All is well, I have 9 weeks of weddings in a row, which is busy but full of fun. A couple are out of town, the rest here in good ol' Abilene. I am still loving my office/gallery space. Kind of thinking about setting up a backdrop and some lighting, I am feeling intruiged by Platon and his work. So excited to hear from Courtney and the One Light Workshop she is at right now in Alaska.

Personal life things are going well. My son was pronounced brain tumor free a couple of months ago. We are all breathing fuller breaths around our house, everyone, especially my twin daughter has come out of her shell since Jack's good news.

Things are awesome here, I am blessed and thankful.

Here is a pic that I took last Saturday at a wedding. This bride was in the middle of her family, they were busy with last minute preparations before the wedding was to start, just minutes away. In the middle of the motion was this bride, quiet and still.


Mandy@Mandy Hank Photography said...

Tammy that is wonderful news about your son- I'm so happy to hear that and hear things are going so well there in Abilene. Hopefully someday when I make it out to see my sister in San Angelo I'll stop by and say hello! :)

rohit said...


you are fantastic!!!

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