Thursday, September 11, 2008

One of the best books I have ever read.

Ron Hall and Denver Moore, the authors of Same Kind of Different as Me were in town at Abilene Christian University. I was able to cover the events and took some great pictures of these two amazing men. The school covered the events with video, but no other photographers, so my images will be used for all of their needs. If you haven't read Same Kind of Different as Me, you will be uber blessed by it...A modern day slave, an international art dealer and the unlikely woman who brought them together (a true story). Here is the link to my personal blog with the images.

I have the Today show on in the background and am watching Tony the Brit's twin brother, De Niro. : )

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antonio said...

Tammy I need a new book so will give it a go. I am glad I still feature in the minds of my cousins over seas.

I was about to blog an idea up myself and you beat me to it.

Hope all is well, I am lucky enough to be with Mike next week, I will send al your regards,

T the Brit x